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Furniture Designers

If you’ve already found a joiner or cabinet maker for your project, or have decorative furniture designs ready for your customer, you can talk to us about the practicalities of the design. We can advise on the selection of wood veneers, dyed veneers, inlays or laminates.

We can price work so when the job is approved you can specify us as the chosen veneer preparer. We can also work with your cabinet maker or we can help you find a Joiner if you need.

Cabinet Makers

We can help with sourcing exotic wood veneers, or we can work from your own stock of veneers, to create the high quality finishes you require.

Panel Cutting

Panel Lipping

Edge Banding

Veneer Supply

Speed Sanding

Veneer Pressing

Veneer Panel Machines

We have the facility to cut any size of panel and speed sand high volumes with superb accuracy. We can apply any finish of laminate or solid wood and veneer strip edging to panels.

Email or give us a call with the details of your project

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