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Creating high quality wood veneers handcrafted interiors and bespoke furniture for over 40 years

The Work

At Veneer Workshop we’ve seen a thing or two and learned a couple of tricks in our time. We feel really passionate about bringing all that knowledge to our work. 

Veneer panelling

Dyed Wood Veneer

Exotic Wood Veneer

Kitchens and Cabinets

Interiors and Furniture

Exotic deco veneered panelling
deco veneered panelling exotic


We have the facility to cut any size of wooden panel and speed sand high volumes with superb accuracy. We create veneered panels and can source and supply exotic wood veneer too. We can apply any finish of laminate, or solid wood and veneer strip edging to panels.

Panel Cutting

Panel Lipping

Edge Banding

Veneer Supply

Speed Sanding

Veneer Pressing

Veneer Panel Machines

Experts in restoring and repairing vintage veneer work

Our History

Veneer Workshop have been providing high quality wood veneers, handcrafted interiors and bespoke furniture from our base in Sussex for over 40 years.

Through the countless trends and style shifts of the past four decades, hundreds of extraordinary pieces and places have been transformed or restored by our veneer, inlays and antique marquetry. 

We are experts in restoring and repairing vintage veneer work and we take pride in keeping rare creative woodworking skills alive in the 21st century.

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Tell us about your project and how you think we can bring your ideas and designs to life.

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The Veneer Workshop Ltd

37a South Street, Portslade, Brighton, East Sussex BN41 2LE

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01273 422 332

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MONDAY – FRIDAY   6am – 3p,

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