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Veneer Workshop

Providing high quality veneers and handcrafted interiors for over 35 years

"I'm stunned by the beauty of my new kitchen everyday!"

welcome to Veneer Workshop

Our wood veneer and marquetry is used in high quality furniture for homes and offices across the UK and beyond. In addition to hundreds of stock designs, we create individual designs to meet your custom requirements.

We specialise in bespoke interior designs, applying stunning wood veneer and laminated finishes to amazing kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms as well as important reception spaces, executive offices and boardrooms.

Creating one of a kind furniture or sets of bespoke furniture leads to some of our favourite work. Bringing large pieces to life, setting off a newly designed interior and adding that final dramatic wow factor.

Not only do we supply wood veneers, from the exotic to the colourful, we also offer synthetic laminates in almost any colour or pattern and a complete veneer preparing, edge lippingveneer pressing and final panel polishing service. We also supply dyed veneers, with a huge range of colours. We have the facilities to cut any size of panel and speed sand high volumes of panels with superb accuracy.

Our highly skilled staff are also able to undertake restoration work on damaged antique marquetry. We are experts in restoring and repairing vintage veneer work.

our work

Veneers for Kitchens and Interiors

Beautiful and exotic wooden veneers to add home interior wow factor. From complicated wall panelling to custom single piece furniture. Create the look you're imagining.

Veneers - Spaces and Furniture

Beautiful interiors that create a serene environment for home and work. Stunning feature walls, staircases, reception desks, boardroom and dining room tables, elegant fire doors, and complex wall panelling.

Veneer panelling - careful design

We make large and complex panels with superb accuracy, but we also create intricate designs and one off features and art pieces. Here are some of the stunning panels we create.

Our Services

Veneer Pressing

Laying out and pressing exotic veneer onto panels

Speed Sanding

High volume - Accurate Finish
We can sand very large panels

Panel lipping

Adding solid wood or veneer strips to panel edges

Edge Banding

We can apply any finish of laminate edging to panels

Veneer Supply

We can source exotic veneer and any colour or texture of laminate

Panel Cutting

Panels cut to any size - We are set up to deal with large scale work

- Large Panels - Accurate Finish

We have the facilities to cut any size of panel and to speed sand high volumes of panels with superb accuracy.

Furniture Designers

If you’ve already found a joiner or cabinet maker for your project or have decorative furniture designs ready for your customer, you can talk to us about the practicalities of the design. We can advise on the selection of wood veneers, inlays or laminates.

We can price work so when the job is approved you can specify us as the chosen veneer preparer. We can also work with your cabinet maker or we can help you find a Joiner if you need.

Cabinet Makers

We can offer you the same service, sourcing exotic wood veneers, or working from your stock of veneers, to create the high quality finish you require.

sourcing - preparing - pressing

cutting - edge lipping - sanding

We have the facilities to cut any size of panel and speed sand high volumes of panels with superb accuracy.

about us

You have to feel really passionate about your work to spend 35+ years at it!

At Veneer Workshop we’ve seen a thing or two and learned a couple of tricks in our time, and to be honest we’ve almost certainly forgotten a few as well.

The one thing we never get tired of is our customers and their amazing ideas. We’re a friendly company and love to discuss projects and possibilities…


"My new kitchen is incredible, I cannot stop staring at the beautiful wooden patterns."

"It's better than I imagined it."
Mrs K.
"My friends keep asking me where they can get a coffee table like my new one. I've told them they'll have to visit Veneer Workshop but also to get their own design ideas. These guys can do anything with veneer!"
Mrs O.

contact us

We love hearing about our customers projects, feel free to get in touch. You are also very welcome to visit our workshop.