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Large Panels - Accurate Finish

We have the facilities to cut any size of panel and speed sand high volumes of panels with superb accuracy.

Cutting Panels veneer

cutting panels to any size

We can cut large panels from Ply or MDF. We regularly cut fire doors.

speed sanding with accuracy

We can sand very large panels, up to 1350mm wide. We have the ability to sand to a very high degree of accuracy. We sand from 60 grit down to 240 grit. We regularly sand table tops and doors.

Sanding panels veneers
Panel Lipping Edge banding

edge lipping with solid wood

We apply solid timber to the edges of a board to create a panel, kitchen top or door which appears to be solid exotic wood.

preparing and pressing veneers

We select veneers for the job, cut them down, tape them to the size of the panel and press them onto boards. We have a 3100mm x 1550 Interwood hydraulic heated oil press. We also have vacuum pressing facilities too.

Pressing Veneer

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